Grenier Law is an Ottawa, Ontario based law firm operated by Monick Grenier, a hands-on lawyer who cares personally about her clients’ legal issues. At Grenier Law, legal services are tailored to your needs. Retaining a lawyer can be a difficult choice to make and sometimes full representation is not necessary or, perhaps not possible.  Monick Grenier offers both full representation and Limited Scope Retainer services to self-represented litigants who need guidance. 

Monick Grenier personally assesses all new matters to determine if Grenier Law is best suited to represent your interests. Speak to us about your needs and we will speak to you about how we can serve those needs or, if we believe someone else can serve you better, we will refer you to another trusted legal practitioner, or provide any other options that may be available to you, as appropriate.

Once it is determined that Grenier Law is a good fit for you, depending on your needs, we can provide fee based services, block fee services or, if you are self-represented and wish to remain so, limited scope retainers for those aspects of your case that you may need professional assistance with.

For full retainer, fee based services, Grenier Law operates on an open door policy intended to encourage communications with clients. As such, client-solicitor communications, such as telephone calls and emails, are regularly discounted so that clients are not discouraged from contacting Grenier Law.

When you retain Grenier Law, you can rest assured that by handing over the burden and stress of your legal dispute, you are placing them in good hands. Remove a weight from your shoulders and contact Grenier Law today.